Student Trend Saturday: Plaid

Have you been dying to wear plaid, but worried that you’ll be mistaken for Cher from Clueless? Well, I am here to tell you that being mistaken for Cher wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I’m also here reassure you that plaid is very, VERY in right now, and you have our full permission to rock this trend.

Plaid is such a versatile pattern; whether through a bold statement piece, or a simple and elegant black and white pattern, you can be sure that plaid can find its place for any occasion. If you’re unsure how to style your plaid pieces, be inspired by your fellow UCLA students!

Name: Grace Eaton
IG: @graceekellii
Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore

Name: Jaclyn Ruedisueli
IG: @jaclyn.helen.yeppers
Major: English
Year: Sophomore

Name: Clara Zhang
IG: @clalalalalalalala
Major: Psychology
Year: Freshman

Name: Jane Lee
IG: @justjanex_
Major: Sociology
Year: Junior

Names: Rachael Denny and Chris Busco
IG: @rachael_elisabeth and @chris_busco
Majors: English (Double Minor in Public Affairs and Global Health) and English
Years: Juniors

Name: Jessica Ventura
IG: @jessica_ventura
Major: Human Biology and Society
Year: Junior

Name: Aria Shen
IG: @ariashenxuanyan
Major: Business Econ
Year: Freshman
Fun Fact: Aria bought this top at the LF Outlet in Westwood!

Jenna Luck
FAST Blogger

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