The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots at UCLA

UCLA is easily one of the most Instagrammable college campuses. Besides the beautiful red brick buildings, there are countless hidden Instagram-worthy locations: marble, florals, and glass are just some of the classic backdrops UCLA has to offer for your Instagram aesthetic. The best spots are hidden well, so you can take as much time as you need to get that perfect selfie. Now you can clean up your Instagram theme without having to leave campus! FAST has done the work for you and put together a list of ten of our favorite lesser-known Instagrammable spots. Rediscover the beauty of the campus while livening up your feed with these stunning locations, and make UCLA your runway.

1. Haines’ Bathroom

Located on the second floor of the Haines building, this bathroom serves the perfect Instagram marble aesthetic. Just make sure to angle your camera away from the stalls, and you’ve got a leveled-up version of the conventional bathroom picture!

2. The Broad

The Broad Art Center is fittingly filled with artsy corners that fit any Instagram theme. The lockers tucked away under the building are perfect for a 90’s monochromatic background (and are also great if you’re shy taking photos in public)!

If you want a cute outdoor cafe vibe, Untitled Cafe in The Broad is your spot. You can order a drink inside the cafe and then take as many pictures as you want on the outdoor patio.

3. Anderson Woods

Another hidden gem, the Anderson woods are located down the stairs from Il Tramezzino in Anderson court. We wouldn’t recommend wearing your best shoes, but getting a bit dirty is worth it for the ‘gram.

4. YRL (Charles E. Young Research Library)

The entrance to YRL serves as another monochromatic backdrop made for Instagram. This spot is not for the camera-shy however—people are constantly walking in and out of the library, so prepare to have no shame.

5. Court of Sciences Terrace

If you’re looking to add succulents and greenery to your Instagram feed, this terrace is where it’s at. Located above Bombshelter in south campus, the terrace is the perfect grassy area to nap, study, and snap photos.

6. Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA

The front of Royce is displayed on every UCLA advertisement, but how come no one knows about it’s backside? Located at the back of Royce across from Rolfe Hall, the Center’s glass structure serves as a perfect backdrop for Instagram. The geometric shapes will give your Instagram the artsy appeal you’ve needed!

7. Bamboo Garden

Greenery is always the answer when your Instagram posts are in a slump. On the way to the Botanical Garden, there is a small section of beautiful bamboo just waiting to be featured on your Instagram. The bamboo parts perfectly in the center so you can stand surrounded by the tall stalks.

8. Botanical Garden

At UCLA, the amount of flora is never in short supply. The Botanical garden offers beautiful plants, a stream, and photo opportunities. Tropical flowers and vegetation are spread throughout the garden, making every space an Instagram-worthy spot.

9. Boelter Rooftop

The 9th floor of Boelter Hall will take your Instagram to new heights. (Puns may also be included in your Instagram captions if you please.) This rooftop’s views of UCLA and the Los Angeles hills are photo-ready at all times. Try carefully taking photos on the ladder for more dynamic Instagram posts!

10.Boelter Entryway

If you want even more marble for your Instagram theme, the entryway to Boelter is calling your name. The marbled pattern continues from the wall to the floor, so you can be surrounded in marble if you choose.

Sonam Beckham
FAST Blogger

Model: Kristy Vang
Photographer: Camryn Batcheller
Photo Editor / Editorial Director: Hannah Rexigner
Editorial Director: Adley Wechsler
Blog Editors: Kristy Pirone, Elizabeth Kim

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