Student Trend Saturday: Hats and Caps

As week six draws to a close and some of us continue to (sadly) have midterms, we turn to another trend that is both stylish and practical: hats! Hats come in a variety of styles and shapes to suit everyone’s needs, allow you to cover up hair you didn’t have to time to style, and are fashionable enough to top off any outfit! (And no one even has to know that you just felt lazy and meh about your hair that morning).
While different types of hats go in and out of fashion, hats remain a constant in any wardrobe and an easy and versatile accessory. Whether you reach for a beret, a beanie, or a UCLA bear hat, hats off to you for your cute and practical style!

Name: Sophia Wu
IG: @sophwu_
Major: Business/Economics
Year: Freshman

“I only recently started wearing hats and they are honestly such game changers. Where have they been all my life?”

Name: Jane Lee
IG: @justjanex_
Major: Sociology
Year: Junior

“Current favorite hat atm.”

Name: Rithik Kumar

IG: @rithikkumar24

Major: Psychobiology

Year: Freshman

“Everything in H&M was on sale!”

Name: Sarah Brauer
IG: @sarahbrauer
Major: Classics
Year: Sophomore

“It was parents’ weekend, and I made my dad take pictures of my friend and me. He was making fun of us for trying to look candid, so then we actually started laughing.”

Name: Theodora Ng
IG: @theodorang
Major: Communication
Year: Junior

Name: Harnoor Kaur
IG: @harnoor_kaur
Major: Communications/Psychology
Year: Sophomore

Name: Nova Weng
IG: @avonxnova
Major: Communications, Film Minor
Year: Sophomore

“Taken during winter break at home in Boston, MA with -20 degree weather.”

Name: Katie Dann
IG: @katierosedann
Major: Theater, Film, and Television (TFT)
Year: Sophomore

Name: Carter Webb
Major: Environmental Science
Year: Sophomore

Name: Jacqueline Carr
IG: @jacquelinecarr29
Major: Sociology
Year: Sophomore

Name: Conan Gray
IG: @conangray
Major: Communications
Year: Freshman

Name: Katie Clendenen
Major: Human Biology and Society
Year: Senior

Capping off the week,

Kaitlyn Dietlin
FAST Blogger

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