Student Trend Saturday: Denim Skirts

Denim skirts are taking the spotlight for this week’s Student Trend Saturday. As Week 4 comes to an end and midterms start to show up at the forefront with the halfway mark of the quarter, UCLA students are still able to keep up with their best style selves on campus.

Denim is a basic staple piece that can be styled to be dressy or casual. Denim skirts can essentially serve as an easy go-to piece for any outfit… especially with the sunny LA winter weather that does not seem to be leaving anytime soon.

You may or may not be having flashbacks of your favorite celebrities rocking denim skirts back in the early 2000’s. However, denim skirts were first introduced in the decade of the 1970’s as a way of recycling denim for those looking towards a hippie, bohemian lifestyle.

Check out some of the ways denim skirts are styled by UCLA students:


 Name: Anju Bhandari
IG: @ayeitsanju
Year: Sophomore

Name: Kamala Eyango
Major: Environmental Science
Year: Senior
Fun fact: She and her sister own their own fashion line called La Ville Noire. Shop here at!

She wears this skirt to go out to clubs in Cameroon, West Africa.

Emma Lauterbach
IG: @emllauterbach
Major: Environmental Science (Theater Minor)
Year: Sophomore

Name: Kathy Hong
IG: @kattatack
Major: Communications (Education Minor)
Year: Sophomore

Name: Rita Chang
IG: @ritapitachip
Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: Rita is one of our FAST bloggers! Her favorite place to shop is Brandy Melville.

Name: Paula De Oliveira
IG: @paula_oliveira
Major: Communication Studies, Political Science
Year: Junior

“I saw it at Zara and thought it was really cute!”

Name: Ela Talu
IG: @elatalu
Major: Art History (Film TV and Digital Media Minor, Music Industry Minor)
Year: Junior
Fun fact: Ela is from Istanbul, Turkey!

Name: Sonam Beckham
IG: @sonam.pb
Major: Pre-International Development Studies
Year: Sophomore

“I bought the skirt from an online store called!”

Name: Bethel Zelalem
IG: @bethelzelalem
Major: Anthropology
Year: Senior

Bethel enjoys denim skirts because she can wear it casually or dress it up!


Name: Kimberly Oka
IG: @kimberlyoka
Major: Neuroscience
Year: Sophomore

“The skirt is from Top Shop! ♥”

Name: Aria Shen
IG: @ariashenxuanyan
Major: Business Economics
Year: Freshman

“I got this skirt from Urban Outfitters. Its color is kind of faded. It’s also very easy to go with.”

Name: Tiffany Hwang
IG: @_tiffancy
Major: Psychology
Year: Senior

“I love thrifting clothes because it’s way more affordable and also great for the environment. Plus it’s such a thrill to search through all the finds at Goodwill!”

Name: Aizha Aubakirova
IG: @aizha_a
Major: Business Economics
Year: Junior
Fun fact: Aizha is from Almaty, Kazakhstan!


FAST Blog Team

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