Liberty Scarves: They’re More Than A Scarf

Pictured: Jenna Luck / Photo: Andrew Hoang (@andrewhhoang)

January 11th marked National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and with statistics as staggering as the ones surrounding human trafficking, attempting to fight this injustice can seem impossible. Today, there are more than 40 million people trapped in slavery worldwide, including 217,500 annually trafficked in the United States. This is the largest amount of enslaved people in human history, due to extreme population growth, poverty and widespread government corruption, as explained by the BBC. Although human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, there is hope — hope that you and I can help create.

A21 is an organization whose mission is to end slavery. Though the statistics are daunting, A21 fights to see slaves rescued, dignity restored and lives rebuilt. One of the simplest ways that you and I can take part in this redemptive process is by partnering with A21 and adding a super cozy scarf to your closet!

Check out their website here to find out more information about Liberty and A21, and to peruse all the wintery colors they have! Let’s be 21st century abolitionists. What easier way to start than getting a scarf?

Editor’s Note: For more information on human trafficking and more ways to get involved in the fight against modern-day slavery, check out these non-profit organizations!

Jenna Luck
FAST Blogger


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