Student Trend Saturday: Belts

 As we head into the new year, it’s only natural that many 2017 trends are falling to the wayside (read: chokers, bucket hats, bomber jackets and, thankfully, male rompers). Another trend that wasn’t meant to be in 2018? Corset belts. Fear not, however — belts are not categorically cancelled for 2018.

Case in point? The many, many style bloggers on Instagram who love displaying their Gucci belts. You know the one. Additionally, parachute belts are predicted to be a major trend in 2018, so you’ll likely soon be seeing your favorite bloggers adding a hint of sportiness to their outfits with this piece. And of course minimalist, classic leather belts will never go out of style.

The 2018 belt trend isn’t solely meant for runways and style bloggers. It’s totally wearable for anyone who wants to put a little bit of effort into styling, as evidenced by the following compilation of UCLA students spotted with outfits featuring an on-trend belt.

Scroll on for tons of inspo from your fellow stylish students!

Name: Nis Hamid
IG: @nisumisuh
Major: Political Science
Year: Junior

Name: Taylor Pio
IG: @taylor_pio
Major: Neuroscience
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: Taylor’s mom found the belt for her — she wouldn’t have picked it herself, but now she loves it and wears it with everything!

Name: Veronica Louise Mendoza
IG: @veronicalouisem
Major: Communication
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: This belt was the inspiration behind this week’s student trend!

Name: Alia Hakki
IG: @aliahakki
Major: English
Year: Sophomore

Name: Rocio Sanchez-Nolasco
IG: @rsn62
Major: Art History
Year: Junior

Name: Julia Chen
IG: @joolioolia
Major: Communication and Gender Studies
Year: Junior

Rita Chang
FAST Blogger


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