NYE 2017: Back in Black

It’s finally time to say goodbye to 2017. Tradition says that how you spend the first hours of the new year predicts the next twelve months of your life. Whether you’ve chosen to go out with a bang or stay in with a good book, you should spend the first hours of 2018 the same way you spend the rest of your life: in style. No one wants to be cursed with bad taste, and even if you aren’t superstitious, a bad NYE photo can last a lifetime.
With so much pressure on one outfit, it can be difficult to decide your best course of action. Will you choose to follow old trends or set new ones? A classic silhouette in black with modern accessories allows for the best of both worlds — a marriage of the past and the future perfect for a night that celebrates both.

Check out our Behind the Scenes video on how our Holiday Editorial and New Years Editorial were made:

Editorial Directors: Hannah Rexinger, Adley Wechsler

Photographers: Hannah Rexinger, Adley Wechsler, Grace Lachman, Lara Kohen
Videographer: Aizha Aubakirova

Models: Diana Cheung, Yvette Yang, Nova Weng, Allen Ye
Blog Editors: Kristy Pirone, Elizabeth Kim


Happy New Year,
FAST Blog Team

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