All Things That Glitter: Sequins



You might think sequins are meant to be worn strictly as a one-time thing, namely as a bright-eyed teenager wearing the most sparkly prom dress you ever did see. Not that college students aren’t as bright-eyed and lively— it’s just that our lack of sleep makes us look a little less.. alive. I digress.

But sequins just can’t be done as an everyday thing, right? They’re just too eye-catching and bold to be worn regularly.

I’m here to prove you wrong. Sequins are far more versatile than you’d think, and can be worn in so many ways beyond a mere prom dress (not to knock a good prom dress; I wore a slinky red sequined dress that I absolutely loved). With that being said, you do have to be careful with how you wear sequins— even if you go just a little overboard, your outfit may end up on the tackier side.

Fear not, for I’ve compiled a list of five sequined pieces you can incorporate into any outfit to add instant glam. Read on to learn how you can add some subtle sparkle to your everyday clothing (and for the holidays!).

1. The Classic

Ah, the quintessential sequined dress for the holidays. There’s really no way to go wrong with this one, though you should keep in mind that since a sequined dress is rather “busy,” you should keep your accessories to a minimum so that your dress remains the center of attention.


2. The Co-Ord

Show off your toned abs in a glitzy, sizzling two-piece that is sure to catch everybody’s attention at your next party


3. The Edgy

Pairing a moto jacket and a casual tee with colorful, girly sequined shorts brings the perfect balance of flirtiness and cool-girl chic


4. The Upscale

Pair sequined pants with strappy heels and a classic ruffled top for just the right amount of glimmer



5. The Bohemian

Matching a gold sequin top with a creamy chiffon skirt and desert boots gives off a boho, ethereal feel


Rita Chang
FAST Blogger

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