A Touch of Velvet

With the impending arrival of the holidays, the mad dash to find the perfect outfit for holiday get-togethers has begun. After all, it’s almost guaranteed that a gazillion holiday photos featuring beautiful you will end up on some form of social media, which is definitely something you want to be able to look back upon fondly (thinking back to my horrendous eyebrows in holiday photos four years ago— but let’s not get into that).

One of the most quintessential holiday season fabrics is, in my opinion, velvet. This amazingly luxe fabric is perfect for chilly winter days when you want to stay warm and still look cute. Plus, the combination of jewel tones with velvet’s ability to catch light in multiple dimensions? *heaven*

However, it is admittedly a little hard to style velvet due to its unique texture; it’s super easy to go a bit over the top. With that in mind, I’ve compiled five ways to style velvet, whether you want to make it the highlight of your outfit or sneak it in for a subtle touch of glam. Either way, it’ll bring your style to a whole new level.

1. Minimalist

A minimalist navy velvet slip dress worn with few to no accessories and a low-key, effortless hairstyle will exude a total “cool girl” vibe.


2. Grunge

 Slip on a slouchy velvet cardigan over distressed denim shorts and Doc Martens for a cute grungey look.


3. Sophisticated

This pairing of plush velvet boots with a sleek leather skirt and a drapey winter coat screams sophistication.


4. Luxe

 Dress down a luxe velvet blazer with a casual tee and blue jeans for a relaxed yet regal look.


5. Girlie

 Wear a blush velvet top with an otherwise monochromatic look to add a touch of femininity.


For more style inspiration, stay tuned for FAST’s upcoming holiday editorial posts!

Rita Chang
FAST Blogger

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