Fashion on a Budget: Slip-On Loafer Mules

You’ve seen them all over the internet and on social media. They’re those oh-so-hot-right-now Gucci slip ons that are on every style it girl. They are barely a step above your common house slipper, and yet the most basic style you can buy is more than $600. Still, you can’t stop dreaming of these trendy and beautiful mules. The struggle is real, I’ve been obsessed with these shoes for way too long. They’re just so bougie and on trend. You know what is not so bougie? My wallet. Also, if you did somehow have the funds to shell out on these shoes, its very likely that they are a trend that won’t be around in a couple years, which means your hard earned cash just went down the drain. In spite of all that, there are so many places you can grab this trend for a small fraction of the price of the real deal. Read on to find out where to snag this look on a budget!
Classic and Simple
This style is the most likely to stick around and have longevity, so I fully support spending a little bit more money and grabbing a style that is made to last.
Printed and Fun
This style is definitely trendy, but there are so many ways you can express your personal style because there are so many different prints to choose from!
Sam Edelman, $84
MIA, $39
This style is super extra, but in the best, most comfy way possible. Yes, it looks like you’re wearing house shoes, but yes, you also look freakin’ fab. Own it.
Steve Madden, $62
Jessica Moore
FAST Blogger

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