Student Trend Saturday: Tall Boots

Fall in full swing at UCLA can only mean one thing: bring on the boots. The always trendy and ever practical long boot is perfect for stomping on leaves and adding an extra layer of warmth. Believe it or not, long boots were originally made for men! Over the knee boots were first created for men as an added protection while on horseback. It wasn’t until the 1960s when major fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent began to showcase tall boots in their fashion shows, as a call against the forced femininity of corsets and skirts at the time.
Nowadays, the long boot is a major trend amonst women and is the perfect shoe for fall. Any outfit can go from casual to fall trendsetter with a pair of knee or thigh high boots. Pair this fall trend with a skirt for a chic look or with jeans for a comfy yet stylist option! Here’s a look into how some Bruins have decided to style their long boots:


Name: Katie Kim
IG: @katiexkim
Major: Communications
Year: Junior
Favorite place to shop: Nordstrom
Name: Aimee Lam
IG: @ching_linkq
Major: Economics
Year: Junior
Favorite place to shop: Nordstrom
Name: Belle Chuang
IG: @_bellebutton
Major: Psychobiology
Year: UCLA alum
Favorite place to shop: Nordstrom (changes depending on mood)


Name: Crystal Ma
IG: @Ccrystalma
Major: MIMG
Favorite place to shop: Santa Monica
Name: Maddy Kuhn
IG: @maddykuhn
Major: Math/Econ
Favorite place to shop: LF Outlet
Name: Clara Zhang
IG: @clalalalalalalalalalalalala
Major: Pre-Psych
Favorite place to shop: Urban Outfitters, LF Outlet


Name: Lis Mejia
IG: @lissette.mejia
Major: International Development Studies
Year: Sophomore
Favorite place to shop: Urban Outfitters


Name: Adrianna Avila
IG: @adri_avila4
Major: Undeclared
Year: Freshman
Favorite place to shop: Forever 21
Name: Shatakshi Mohan
IG: @shatz21
Major: Statistics and Economics
Year: Sophomore
Favorite place to shop: Charlotte Russe, Mango, Francesca’s, smaller boutiques and flea markets
Name: Angela Kurdzhukyan
IG: @angelakurdzhukyan
Major: Sociology
Year: Senior

Name: Emily Chu
IG: @emilyhichew
Major: MCDB
Year: Junior
Favorite place to shop: H&M
Sonam Beckham
FAST Blog Team


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