Student Trend Saturday: Denim Jackets

We all know fashion recycles. Denim jackets date all the way back to the 1800s, with Levi Strauss (sound familiar?) himself, and were originally made for the working class. Now, we have shops everywhere selling denim jackets and kids going through their parents’ closets to get that perfect vintage feel. Who knew your mom’s clothes could be so in?

Here are some modern takes on the jean jacket, modeled by fellow UCLA students…

Name: Alia Hakki
IG: @aliahakki
Major: English
Year: Sophomore
Name: Katie Kim
IG: @katiexkim
Major: Communications
Year: Junior
Favorite place to shop: Nordstrom
Fun fact: Our very own PR/Marketing Director killing the denim game 🔥

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Name: Kiara Bryant
IG: @kiaramaile
Major: Communications
Year: Junior
Name: Bekah Smith
IG: @dancatorcao
Major: Classical Civilization
Year: Senior
Favorite place to shop: Trader Joe’s (who doesn’t love food)

Name: Diana Ortega

IG: @diianaortegaa
Name: Julia Monyak
IG: @jmonyak
Major: Communications
Favorite place to shop: Modlook 29
Name: Mitch Goff
IG: @m1tchgoff
Name: Anvita Panandikar
IG: @anvita_29
Major: Financial Actuarial Math, Economics
Favorite place to shop: Charlotte Russe
Name: Abby Thomas
Major: Undeclared Social Sciences
Year: Freshman

Name: Alex Gibbons
IG: @alex_gibbons27
Major: Psychology
Year: Senior
Favorite place to shop: Express, because of their versatility

Name: Kayla Bryant
IG: @kluhbryant
Major: Psychobiology
Year: Sophomore
Favorite place to shop: Thrift shops, Melrose flea market
FAST Blog Team

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