Your New Favorite Make-up Artist: Ania Milczarczyk

Instagram is an amazing resource for finding new looks and exploring beauty concepts and has been a major platform for trendsetters in the last few years. One of the things Instagram brought to the mainstream was contouring and highlighting, but its incredibly easy to get swept up in the waves of beauty gurus who constantly put out identical looks. Im here to introduce you to AniaMilczarczyk (@aniamilczarczyk): your new favorite MUA.

Shes mastered highlighting in the most ethereal way, whether youre going for dramatics or a natural glow. Her method is to highlight where ones face naturally catches the light. You place your illuminator of choice in the inner corners of your eyes, under and just above the arch of your brow, on the tip of your nose, on the cupids bow, and in the c-shaped arc from the outer corner of your brow to along the top of your cheekbone.
The key to making this heavy dose of highlighter work is to blend and blendand keep blending. Chunks of glitter do have their place in makeupto each their ownbut thats not what Ani\a is about. Her looks are all about a natural, flushed glow that isnt overwhelming. Ania embraces the natural texture and pigments in her modelsskin instead of trying to mask them.

The Ania style is versatile and translates to any occasion. Theres almost nothing more glam or HBIC than a blown-out smoky eye and a rosy sheen that says I woke up like this.

So, now that the LA spring gloom is beginning to fade, pick up the highlighter and channel your inner It Girl!

All picture credits to @aniamilczarczyk.

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