Over the knee boots are great for winter time, when you want to be warm and stylish simultaneously. You can throw them on when you feel like wearing a skirt but don’t want to be shivering. It’s a strategic way to cover up those legs. Or, you can wear them over your jeans for some added warmth. No wonder they’ve been trending for awhile now.

black suede boots.jpg

Suede’s recently been in style, and it’s perfect for spicing up your look for a night out. Wear black boots to make your look classy and polished.

suede boots 2.jpg

Add a pop of wintery color to your outfit with these khaki/tannish colored boots. The light color will contrast well with darker shades, so maybe wear with a black dress or coat.

over jeans.jpg

For everyday wear, put on your casual jeans with your knee high boots. This is perfect for even walking to campus or class. Add a motorcycle jackets and shades (as pictured above) for a cool-girl look. 😉

all white with jeans.jpg

An alternative boots with jeans look.

gray with white.jpg

For a more classy and feminine look, wear whites with your over the knee boots. A white mock turtleneck dress and a slightly furry coat will go a long way. It’ll be white wonderland, good for a wintery look.

black dress gray coat.jpg

A black dress with a gray coat and black accessories is always a classic and polished look to go for.

dress with boots.jpg

Wear a flowy long-sleeve dress and over the knee boots for a more formal occasion, or for that Instagram photoshoot during wintertime. A printed and colorful dress, like above, would pair well with some classic black boots.

Hope you got some outfit ideas for these fun and trendy shoes!

Stay warm,
Xoxo Elizabeth

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