“New year, new me.”
It’s a cliche, but there’s no better time to get a symbolic fresh start than the new year. Whether you’re leaving behind bad habits or focusing on the positive in your life, rethinking your look is a good way to feel like a brand new person who can achieve loftier goals than the year before.
So where do you start?

Spring Cleaning
Building on a solid foundation will help provide the guidance needed to pull this feat off.
Begin by going through what you own now. Ask yourself three questions:
1.     Have I worn this more than once in the last year?
2.     Does this fit or does it need alterations? 
3.     Do I really even want to wear this?

It is tempting to hold onto beautiful 6-inch platforms with spiked heels but if youve only dusted them off two times in as many years because they give you blisters, it might be time to admit that they arent your thing. Same goes for the replaceable dress whose zipper youve needed to mend for several seasons. If you dont truly love an item in your closet and arent willing to invest even more money in it, its a good candidate for the toss pile.

 Now look at what you have. Theres a good chance whats left has something in common. Maybe the remaining pieces are mostly basics you rely on daily or theyre super comfortable or they all follow a certain look. Theres your foundation!

The Inspiration
Even your style icons look to other people for inspiration. Pick a few concepts or people whose style you admire and would like to emulate. For example, the carefree elegance of French New Wave or Rihannas bad-assery. Come up with some key words to describe this style and use these for reference when shopping or creating outfits later. Some people like to create photo sets instead to guide their look for a visual reminder. Does this piece make you feel the traits you want to exude? Does it make you feel confident and comfortable in your skin?


Don’t force yourself into anything that doesn’t feel 100% you. Confidence is key to finding the style that feels like the best “you.”

Putting the Plan into Action

The hardest part is actually pulling the look together. If you love to change up your style several times a year, fast fashion is an inexpensive way to curate a temporary wardrobe that will last you a few seasons. Certain brands are adept at mimicking the look of higher-end brands so you can fake it till you make it.

On the left: Chloe Studded Ankle Boots, $1380
On the right: Office Lucky Charm Studded Boots in Black Leather, $75

 If youre looking for something more permanent or you have extra income to spend, rare as that is for a college student, consider investing in a few nice pieces or some tailoring. Quality, well-fitted pieces will last for years and fall apart less often, saving you money in the long run and seriously improving your style game. 
On the left: Reformation Kat top, $128
On the right: Reformation Cora dress, $118
Take the new year as an opportunity to find yourself!


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