Let’s be honest, either sweatpants and hoodies have been on rotation since midterms or if you’re like me, you would’ve heard Kate Sanders scream, “you are an outfit repeater” on multiple occasions. It’s dead week, but that doesn’t mean your personal style has to die too. I’ve scrounged up four outfits that are sure to maintain the perfect balance between comfort and flare.

The Classic
Who says sweatpants are a faux pas in the fashion world? Sweatpants and a tee are classic lazy day pieces, which make them a perfect foundation for layering on statement pieces in your wardrobe. Pair your favorite sweatpants with a basic tee and throw on a leather jacket and trainers for the ultimate lazy day outfit while maintaining your edge. If you’ve got the extra minutes, throw on a choker for major throwback feels (cue How I Met Your Mother quote).

The Classic 2.0
If you’re not into the idea of rolling out of bed and walking out the door in the same pants and tee you slept in, there’s still hope. Trousers have become a closet staple right under black skinny jeans on my list. They’re the seemingly perfect and admirable older sister to your sweatpants. Plus, you can get them with a drawstring waist which means the late night meal you had is snug and tucked away. Dress them down with a knit jumper layered over your oversized white tee and voila, effortless and on trend.

The Monochromatic
50% of my wardrobe is black. 49% is either grey or white. 1% is an actual color. Living in a black and white world doesn’t seem all that bad though. It’s the perfect color palette (or lack of) for those mornings following a long night. You can never go wrong with an all black outfit and there’s more variations than the number of Vogue issues. Try and mix up different textures and fabrics to refrain from looking like a shadow.

The Oversized
Letting an oversized hoodie or crewneck swallow you is somewhere in the list of 100 Greatest Feelings. If it isn’t, here’s the petition for it to be inducted. By now, you see the pattern. Comfort and style is what makes up the perfect effortless outfit for those days you’re feeling particularly unmotivated in every department.

Now go kill your final (who said you can’t look and feel good doing it).

xx esther

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