As an LA transplant, I’ll be the first to admit that the winter weather makes no sense. Most days will be hot and sunny and the rest are spent in a perpetual drizzle. The number one advice I’ve gotten is to layer, but I usually end up packing those layers into a purse by noon. I’ve finally asked some California natives how they personally beat the winter rain and shine and compiled their answers here.

Mars said, “Generally, Los Angeles doesn’t really have seasons, so I wear whatever I want– usually a long skirt and a jacket. And boots. Always boots. If it rains, she adds a sweater underneath the jacket for extra warmth.

Sage responded, Well, winter isn’t really that cold so maybe just jeans and a sweater or just a normal shirt depending on how cold it is, and a light jacket or flannel with converse or vans. If it rains I’d normally wear jeans, a nicer oversized jacket with a tee, and my Docs.

Maddy offered that she always wears a skirt, no matter the season, but when it gets colder, she throws on a bomber. When it rains, she opts for leggings with her boots instead.

The general consensus seems to be that LA just doesnt have seasons, only bouts of cold weather and rain. To the natives, winter is just a time to show off their jacket selection on top of their usual style. We could all take a page from their book and show off our personal picks from this seasons trendsoversized denim, bombers, and hooded parkasover your favorite pair of jeans or a thick woven mini.


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