I recently got a new internship, and immediately knew I was going to have to purchase some business casual attire. Thanks to a very nice gift card to Rebecca Taylor I received for christmas, I was able to buy a pair of cropped, wide-leg pants. However, then I was stuck wondering how I was going to wear the trend. I took inspiration from the below outfits and more to style four looks wearing my new pants. Some people would call them culottes, but that word reminds me of Revolutionary War characters, so they’re trousers to me. P.S. Sorry for all the patriotic colors— who knows, maybe I’m already ready for the 4th of July.

Image Credit NY Mag and Glamour

For the Office: 
A take on the French neck-tie.

Combining Two Trends:
Pair them with an off-the-shoulder top to go to a summer party.

For a Day in Santa Monica:
Casual with white sneakers, a striped tee, and a denim jacket.

For being Classy at Galleries:
Or, just another business-casual look.

I hope these looks inspired you! I know I’m ready to try one of these looks out in LA. 

Xo. Sincereley, Claudia

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