Off-the-shoulder tops, dresses, and rompers are back just in time for the warmer weather. It’s spring quarter, and we’re all ready to go on summer vacation. This trend will let that much-needed breeze pass through and make you feel as if you were relaxing on a tropical island already. So, stack up on these pieces that’ll hide your pit stains (yes, girls obviously sweat too) when you are panting from class to class in the heat. Added plus: they’re fun and flirty. This post is especially for those of you who want to show off your bronzed shoulders from spring break.

The Serefina off the shoulder dress, from Free People, is simple and has a light gray color that goes well with many things. You have an opportunity to heavily accessorize, with items such as large sunglasses and perhaps an opal choker necklace (chokers have also become a much more widespread trend).

The DIY blog, A Pair and a Spare, lets you know how to turn a men’s shirt into a lovely off the shoulder dress. Pair with a Daniel Wellington watch, going along with the theme of men’s wear, for a sophisticated look.

The name of this piece, the Italian Breeze Mini Dress, says it all. Imagine wearing this free-flowing, floral dress while roaming the romantic streets of Italy.

This off the shoulder shorts set may be long-sleeved on top, but the semi-sheer fabric balances out the heat. The pop of bright amber makes it all the more fitting for spring or summer.

Here is a classy, more fitted off the shoulder top from ASOS. For a super clean feel, wear white and black.

This Lexington top in white and dark blue stripes gives off sailor vibes in tune with summer. The ribbon details at the cuffs also add a touch of cuteness. Pair with shorts to beat the heat.

Here’s another striped off-the-shoulder top for casual wear. Wear with a wide brim hat to look put-together.

Let others know that you are all set for summer with this fun Santorini top from Free People. The copper color and crinkle design makes your outfit all the more playful.

Good luck on midterms everyone! Summer is so close; hang in there!

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