Lace-ups have been translated from shoes to tops and dresses. Nowadays, you can find lace-up clothing everywhere, from more obscure online websites to chain retailer stores. This ongoing trend that involves tying your clothes often adds a little retro vibe to your outfit. It can also be on the racier side, with the plunging necklines covered up by laces that allow you to show more skin. These small laces make a big impact on your ensemble, interspersing it with some fun. One little detail can go a long way.
Taking the plunge can be intimidating, but the added coverage from the laces makes it easier. For a casual look, simply pair the Project Social plunge lace-up top with jeans.
Aimee Song’s casual yet elegant pairing of her black lace-up blouse with ripped denim jeans.
Elegant rendering with nice use of accessories/sunglasses.
Playful vibes: wear with patterned pants.
A colorful, tan plunge lace-up top to brighten your day.
A bohemian take (as expected from Free People) on lace-up tops, paired with a mini skirt.
For greater variety, wear with a suede skirt and give your outfit a pop of color.
Again, a feminine take on lace-up tops through matching it with a suede skirt of a pink hue.
Several bodysuits, like this white one, and tights tops have a lace-up design, giving a dramatic effect.
A more cutesy and and retro look, with a ribbed knit lace-up tee.
Accessorize with a big floppy hat to look hip.
Large hats and sunnies for that Californian energy.
This white Motel swing dress from ASOS has flared sleeves that are complemented well by the lace-up design. It feels all the more free-flowing and bohemian yet dainty.
Lace-up does not necessarily mean that you have to wear solid colors, as show by these lively prints and patterns in an Urban Outfitters dress (perfect for a festival).
Party-ready in the sexy, black lace-up dress from Nasty Gal.
A lace-up dress works great even with a long coat, scarf, and combat boots — so, in colder weather.

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