Guys— It’s official. I’m officially craving a pair of flared pants. I genuinely thought the day would never come. Skinny jeans have been my thing since the fourth grade, until I let a pair of boyfriend jeans slip. Then mom jeans came. But I swore that flared jeans were just too 2001 or retro and that I would one day regret them too much to make them worth it. However, the day has come and I officially lust after every pair of flared pants I see on social media. Here are some looks that I think capture the cool-girl elegance of flares.
Although this girl’s natural hair and shades could look cool with anything, her perfectly loose flared jeans and turtleneck scream model-off-duty. These flares are perfectly edgy while still looking like she’s not trying at all. I will definitely be looking for a similar pair.
In a more high fashion look, this woman embraces western style in a way that is not overboard. If I were to recreate this look for Los Angeles, I would take away the coat and the hat, but leave the bandana and her perfect tan leather belt. These jeans are wide down the whole leg, but I would maybe opt for a tighter, butt-hugging pair, even though these make quite the statement.
Miroslava Duma is on almost every list of style-influencing it-girls. She never fails to pair trendy items with classic, lady-like pieces in a way that is chic, but still young. I love this look for a more formal event, like a business function or gallery opening. The drapey white tank keeps the look fresh and casual.
For a full-on 70’s vibe, go for a peasant blouse and flower-printed flares. I like that these pants take the trend of printed flares and make it more high fashion by using a loser fit and sturdier fabric. Adding a Chloe cross body never hurts, but you won’t see me affording that any time soon!
This look proves that flares can be taken out at night, and this girl’s modern Stevie Nicks look is perfect for going out to restaurants and concerts. The black-on-neutral-on-black makes the look very streamlined and lets the little details of her jewelry and jacket stand out. Is it me or is anyone else suddenly planning this outfit in their heads?
I love how this girl has made a Canadian Tuxedo look so good! The entire outfit is so happy and perfect for California, not to mention extremely flattering.
Finally, Gigi Hadid makes the look all her own in this photo. Her 70’s beach waves are the only thing boho about this outfit, but I love the idea of a crop tee with elegant dress pants. I’m not sure if you’d see me around campus wearing this, but maybe one day in the future.
I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration to style the flares in your closet— or to go out and buy some like I hope to do!
xo Sincerely, Claudia

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