Do you hear angels singing? No? Just me? Okay I’m sorry I’m just so excited that SWEATPANTS CAN BE HIGH FASHION NOW. Seriously the Athleisure trend is the best thing to ever happen. Joggers and sneakers are considered fashionable instead of lazy? A dream come true. If you’re still a little wary on the trend, here are the staple pieces necessary to take your loungewear from drab to fab.
Yeezy Boost 350
“My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.” With quotes like that, of course Kanye has the passion to create one of the most sought after pair of sneakers on the market today. I was lucky enough to score a pair in the original Turtledove (after blood, sweat and many tears) but have yet to cop another color. The most recent color release, Tan, embraces Kanye’s newest runway line of neutrals and minimalism. Any outfit is perfected with this iconic shoe.
Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette
These sports bras are amazingly comfortable with just enough shape and logo to be a step above sleepwear. They’re cotton, so they’re incredibly soft yet impractical to wear when working out, so they’re great to wear with some overalls or an oversized hoodie.

I feel like as far as brands with Athleisure options, Adidas leads the way. Consisting of a variety of track suits, sports bras, leggings, tops and shoes, Adidas has something for everybody. Adidas is also a really good brand to experiment with if you’re not sure how to dive into Athleisure, as they are an athletic brand and most anything you buy could also be used to work out in. Every individual can find something they will loved from Adidas, from exciting patterns to the originally minimal white sneaker.


The best way to prevent your Athleisure attire from looking sloppy is to pull it together with a blazer. A chic black blazer looks great with both joggers and jeans. The crisp edges compliment the baggy feel of the bottoms and bring everything together as a cohesive whole.

Joggers with Crop Top

Who was I before joggers and crop tops? Lost in space? Swirling in oblivion? I’m not sure but I’m never going back. Joggers are unreally comfortable and look phenomenal paired with a tight crop. It can be dressed down for class with a flannel or dress it up with heels. Take the Athleisure look to another level by pairing your ensemble with a ponytail.
Baseball Cap

No Athleisure ensemble is complete without some chic, obscure baseball cap. I have this BCBG Bunny Baseball Hat which is one of my favorite accessories. It really pulls everything together and is great when I’m having a bad hair day. Another less extreme and wildly popular option are pom pom hats, which add a little flair to a sharp black hat.
Crop Hoodie
These crop hoodies are perfect for LA weather and make hoodies look fab instead of drab. Just a little bit of skin goes a long way and the crop adds some feminine flair to an otherwise boxy shape. Be like my style icon and bae Zendaya and pair a crop sweatshirt with a tight pencil skirt to really compliment shapes.
Gigi Hadid
Time to go put on some sweatpants and watch Netflix all day aka work on my Athleisure game.
xx Elissa

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