Nothing pulls the inner fashion-daredevil out of celebrities like musical awards shows. From the VMA’s to the Grammys, watching the fun, outlandish red carpet of a musical awards show is bound to entertain you. While there may not have been any meat dresses or all-denim ensembles like previous iconic red carpet moments, this year’s Grammy outfits were definitely worth talking about. If you were unable to watch this year’s Grammy red carpet or simply want to share this fashion police moment with me, read on to see the best and worst dressed celebrities at the 2016 Grammy Awards.
Top Five:
From classic to ridiculous, sophisticated to skimpy, and vibrant to dark—these are the outfits that caught my eye for the better.
Taylor Swift

RIP to the frizzy-haired, cowboy boot wearing girl we saw 8 years ago. In one of her most revealing outfits yet, Taylor turned heads at this year’s Grammy Awards. I love how Taylor combined these bright, unlikely colors together in this two piece bandeau-maxi skirt ensemble, managing to keep things daring and sexy but still incredibly elegant. Pairing this outfit with simple, metallic shoes, a gorgeous jeweled choker, a sleek bob, and her classic red lips balanced the look to perfection.
Bella Hadid
Bella looked fiercely vampire-esc in the best possible way in her heavy makeup and black, sequined cutout gown. With a pale, shimmery complexion and dark, slicked back hair, her look had intense contrasts between lights and darks. Bella may have been The Weeknd’s date for the night, but she definitely stood out to make a sexy, strong statement of her own.
Lady Gaga
Flashback to Lady Gaga’s simple black dress and classic blonde curls at this year’s Golden Globes, and now you realize just how many rules can be broken at the Grammys. While Lady Gaga’s fashion choices are notorious for being eye-catchingly bizarre and over-the-top, this year’s Grammy outfit managed to be both bold and beautiful, channeling David Bowie to complement her powerful tribute to him later that night. By adorning herself from head to toe in the contrasting colors of fiery orange and bright blue, Lady Gaga looked like a cosmic work of art at this year’s Grammys. While her extreme platform heels and blue eye shadow were a bit much for me, her Marc Jacobs gown was too spectacular to not include on this list.
Gary Clark Jr. and Nicole Trunfio
Talk about a power couple. These two could not have looked sharper at this year’s Grammy Awards. Not only am I obsessed with their individual outfits, but they also complement each other perfectly. Nicole’s stunning silver jumpsuit helps accentuate Gary’s gray hat, boots, and subtle necktie.
Chrissy Teigan
Chrissy looked effortlessly radiant in this flattering gown with a gorgeous, embellished cape. Wearing all white is tough to pull off, but Chrissy’s skin glowed and her figure (baby bump included) looked amazing. She completed her look with natural-looking makeup and a simple, high ponytail. I love this minimalistic approach—classy and elegant with just enough edge to keep it from being unoriginal.
Bottom Five:
Grammy outfits are usually pretty out-there compared to other awards shows, and I am pretty open to risky, unique looks. These, however, are just bad.
Joy Villa
Just when you think it can’t get worse than last year’s orange safety net get-up… this happens. A rib cage inspired ensemble perhaps? She might have been trying to get creative, but this just looks like an injury waiting to happen. If the “dress” isn’t bad enough, her cape, shoes, and headpiece aren’t doing much to help the situation either. Props to Joy for wearing it confidently though — she wanted a statement, and she definitely got one.
Diana Gloster
Okay, this could be way worse, but that doesn’t change the fact that it looks like a prom dress gone wrong. I feel like I’ve seen this exact pattern many times while shopping for formal dresses at the mall throughout my high school years. The sweetheart neckline and thick black belt only make it appear more juvenile. If musical notes are too common and clichéd of a pattern for teenagers, they’re probably a little too corny for a musical awards show like the Grammys. That being said, the dress itself flows beautifully, and Diana herself still looks great
Skylar Grey
I kind of see where she was trying to go with this, but it is just too shapeless and busy to be what it could have been. The netted capelooks costume-like and frumpy, and would probably do a better job fending off mosquitos than complementing her dress. Not to mention there are two creepy renaissance faces sewn into the most unfortunate of places. However, I am a fan of Skylar’s chic topknot/high neckline combination.
I’m all for comfort, but this just puts onesie-wearers to shame. I wouldn’t be as opposed to this outfit if it didn’t have stuffed Hello Kitties haphazardly sewn on in random places, or if her shoes didn’t look like a five-year-old girl’s necklace making kit. Still, props to Dencia for embracing her inner child and getting creative — no better place to take fashion risks than the Grammys.
Tove Lo
Tove Lo’s lacy dress may look like lingerie, but it is actually very bearable when compared to the rest of her look. Red eye shadow is just never a good idea; Tove looks either sickly or just plain scary in it. Plus, combined with her oversized key-chain of a septum ring, there is just too much going on with Tove’s face, and she looks very harsh. 
And that’s a wrap on the 2016 Grammy Awards red carpet. I hope you enjoyed the read, and were as entertained, impressed, and intrigued by these outfits as I was!

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