I used to be just a standard, plain white socks kind of dude and never really thought much of them. But recently, i have been enlightened. Socks are so much more. They allow you to continue your outfit beyond your pants. They can act as the perfect accessory, allowing you to either dress up an outfit or dress it down and DGAF it up. Overall, socks add a new layer of fun to getting dressed.
Rihanna, a style god, exemplifies this best. She adds color to her oversized cutoff shirt with block striped socks. And she keeps the fluff going, pairing her pink Fendi dress with some fluffy white socks.

The purple and white striped socks help spruce up this ordinary outfit by giving it not only color but also some pattern. The other makes an interesting and fun mix of the white and red polka dot socks with brown pants and some black dress shoes.

This next look could have went really wrong, but somehow works. And it’s because of the socks. Not only do the socks keep the pink theme of the outfit going but it also breaks up some of the fishnets, keeping them from being too overwhelming. The simple color and print of the socks help achieve this as well.
These next two pairs, are here to demonstrate how you can creative you can get with your socks. The first has a picture of the Mona Lisa printed on them that gives them this really kitschy yet artsy vibe to them. And the second had this metallic look to them with interesting beading in the back that when contrasted to the champagne sandal gives off a casually fancy vibe that seems so hip at the same time.

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