Studying at UCLA involves a decent amount of walking, which is why I can’t wear heeled-booties, cute sandals or even ballet flats on campus. My feet are sensitive and I’m a fan of comfort, so I refuse to return to blisters for the sake of looking fashionable. Luckily, I’m not alone in this rebellion – this increasing, universal demand for comfort has given rise to a lot sneaker fashion. Here are some trendy, comfortable shoes to make your life easier.
White Sneakers
One of the biggest trends of 2015 was white sneakers. Adidas sneakers, especially Superstars, are the most popular. Check H&M and Forever 21 for cheaper alternatives. I’ve personally worn these to class, and while they’re not as comfortable as running shoes, they’re pretty great for the hike to class.
Colored Sneakers

Colored sneakers, especially bright ones look great with a monochromatic outfit. All black or all white are the perfect way to stay classy with bright sneakers. Also notice the theme of coupling sophisticated pieces like blazers or chiffon pants with sneakers. It lends the perfect balance between casual and formal making these outfits classic everyday pieces.
Street Style
You can’t go wrong emulating street-style from Milani Fashion week. This picture is the perfect combination of bright sneakers and white tennis shoes. Don’t be afraid to take risks – it’s how the most iconic outfits are created.
Slip Ons
Vans is a great place to buy slip ons like the ones pictured. Mine are from a textured pair from Zara, but slip ons are available at pretty much any place that sells shoes. Aldo also has some great textured ones and I’ve seen people swap slip-ons for Toms. A plus point of Toms is that for every pair sold, one is donated to children in need, which is a great incentive if you were on the fence about buying them. The biggest selling point of slip ons is their versatility – they look great with pretty much anything!
High Top Vans
I’m a big fan of these Vans, which come in so multiple textures and colors. I personally like the leather ones the best. You can find these on the Vans website or even on the Urban Outfitters sneaker collection. I particularly love the edginess and sportiness of these shoes.
New Balance
I’ve recently seen a lot of New Balance sneakers working for sporty chic. I really love the gray and blue looks above, and these are probably the next set of shoes I’ll be investing in.
Consciously force yourself to take risks – you’ll be surprised by what can come of adventurous combinations. I hope these help you out and inspire you to start a new trend based on comfort or another priority.

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