One of my new favorite ways to dress is in solid or blocks of colors. This ranges from dressing head to toe in the same color, variations of a color, to just simply mixing and matching different color combinations – even ones that one wouldn’t typically pair together. Therefore I have compiled a few items and looks from some familiar stores to share.
These two outfits are from Zara and unfortunately they are only selling the pants in both the pictures. However, the styling of these two outfits hit the trend head on. The first look pairs a bright red long sleeve with a simple black pair of pants. And the look on the second look pairs brown trousers with a beige long sleeve, keeping a neutral color scheme. And by tucking in the shirts both outfits achieve a polished feel while still remaining casual.
These next items can all be found at Target. The basic green long sleeve on the top is a cool almost emerald green and its lack of print makes it easy to pair up with any pants, like these pink or forest green.
Urban Outfitters
These next photos are from Urban Outfitters. The first look pairs a nice blue top with cool mustard corduroys. And the second look pairs a light gray sweater with white cuffed pants. Cuffing the pants is also a way to spruce up an outfit and give it that hip edge. In addition the corduroys, the knitted sweater adds some texture to each outfit.

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