Dressing cute for a cold winter is tough, and it’s really hard to let your own personal style shine through when you’re forced to layer up. Lucky for us LA folk, we don’t have this problem! However, this doesn’t mean dressing for winter in LA is easy. In fact, finding the perfect outfit to keep you warm (but not hot) in that flighty, awkward 50-70 degree weather can be extremely challenging. 
Here are five of the most essential, versatile items you need to effortlessly create your perfect “LA winter” outfits.
Black Leather Jacket 
A black leather jacket is timeless, durable and looks great on virtually anyone and with anything. Plus, they aren’t too warm, so they’re the perfect jackets to wear on a cool (but not freezing) winter evening. Pair a leather jacket with ripped jeans and heeled black booties if you want to feel like a bad ass, or pair it with a fun dress to look more feminine but still have a little edge. When in doubt, just wear a black leather jacket with other black things (simple shirt, leggings, whatever), add a cool lipstick, and you’re set.
Over The Knee
Over the knee boots or socks are your keys to being able to wear your favorite dresses skirts, and shorts in the winter (something only LA peeps have the luxury of doing). Wear over the knee socks to spice up any bare-legged outfit while adding warmth and comfort. Or wear over the knee boots with basically anything (dress, skirt, pants, long coat, sweater, etc.) for a more daring look. Either way, these two items look good with so many different outfit combinations, and have been so essential to my LA winter wardrobe choices.
Unique Pants
From leather joggers to metallic, high wasted leggings, a pair of unique pants is a must-have for your LA winter wardrobe. Forget the jeans or plain black leggings, and invest in some cool pants to instantly create a standout outfit. Throw on some shiny, black leggings for a fun, retro, COMFORTABLE look that can go casual or be dressed up, or pair some flattering joggers with a crop top and jacket to look effortlessly cool.
Oversized Flannel
If you still don’t own you very own flannel at this point… The time has come. A flannel can seriously do everything and requires such minimal effort. Outfit too boring? Add a flannel. Too cold? Add a flannel. Too revealing? Add a flannel. Not comfy enough? Add a flannel. I like wearing a flannel on my way to class in the winter because it’s chilly outside at first, but when it gets hot from walking up the hills/stairs, I can tie it around my waste. Add a flannel with some cool leggings, boyfriend jeans, or even a dress or skirt, and you instantly have a casual, put-together winter outfit with just enough edge. 
An Umbrella
As much as we hate to admit it, LA rains too. Umbrellas are cheap and easy to carry or fit in a bag/backpack when you’re walking to class or into Westwood. I know some of my favorite jackets don’t have hoods, so instead of basing your entire outfit off of whether it’s going to rain or not, just bring an umbrella. Chances are, the “rain” usually ends up being a light mist, so an umbrella is really all you need to stay dry.
The best part about these staples is how much use each and every one can (and will) get. They all look great with so many different outfit combinations, and make getting dressed in the morning (or afternoon as I prefer) so much easier. I hope you enjoyed the read, and feel inspired to revamp your winter wardrobe!

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