In the past couple of years I have become a major fan of shopping for clothes in thrift stores. If you know where to look, you can find pieces that are unique and good quality for amazing prices. Going to a thrift store is kind of like going on a treasure hunt, and boy is it a good feeling when you find a real gem. Fashion lovers, listen up cause here are five thrift stores you need in your life.
(San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Studio City)

Wasteland is by far one of my favorite thrift shops Ive been to. The buyers of the store are extremely picky so its very, very difficult to be disappointed in the selection, which is very well displayed and organized. Here you can find any contemporary, vintage, or designer piece that your heart desires. If you pop into the Santa Monica location, dont forget to head upstairs to the mens section where you can find a plethora of the coolest vintage T-shirts. Last time I went in I left with an old school UCLA shirt that had a graphic of Joe Bruin as a 50s biker guy on the front. Ive never gone into this store and left empty handed and I trust that you wont either.
Buffalo Exchange
(Arizona, California, Colorado, D.C., Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington)

You can find Buffalo Exchange all over the country, which is great because it makes thrifting very accessible. I didnt know quite what to expect when I first walked into the Santa Monica location but I was pleasantly surprised as I started rifling through the racks upon racks of clothes. Almost all of the shoes and clothing that I looked at seemed as though they had never even been worn. I was particularly impressed with their selection of denim shorts and mens flannels. After trying on several of each and being happy with them all (how often does that happen?!), I left with a pair of Free People cut-offs for $20, the softest black and red flannel Ive ever touched, and a pair of brand-spankin-new black platforms for $20.
Crossroads Trading Co.
(California, Colorado, D.C., Illinois, Oregon, New York, Washington)
Crossroads focuses on buying in-season, on-trend pieces, so thats what youll be able to find in these stores. Also hosting a number of locations, this company is accessible in many states and cities. This stores also manages to have multiples of certain pieces which is always a plus because there is nothing more frustrating than finding a something you love in the wrong size. Last time I came here my friend bought a lovely designer bag for an amazing price that she now uses on a daily basis. At Crossroads you can find just that: things you can wear in your day-to-day life.
Melrose Trading Post
(Fairfax High School)
The Melrose Trading Post is my absolute favorite non-thrift store thrift store. Taking place every Sunday at Fairfax High School, I honestly believe this is one of the best places to shop in L.A. I not exaggerating when I say you can find the COOLEST stuff here from clothing to shoes to jewelry to home decor to records and everything in between. Have you been dying to get your hands on a vintage Members Only jacket? Theyve got it. Or how about a pair of perfectly distressed Levis that fit just right? Consider it a done deal. I would recommend planning a whole day around a visit to the Trading Post because youre going to want to take your time seeing what each seller has to offer. Oh, and if you get there early enough they offer free parking steps away from the entrance.
Its A Wrap!
(Los Angeles and Burbank)

Okay so Ive never actually been to this place but it is definitely my next thrifting destination. Its A Wrap! has received a lot of publicity because all of the items sold in the store have come from real movie or TV sets. Studios liquidate their wardrobe and props to these stores when they are done with them and then they are sold to the public. So basically, you can buy the clothes your favorite actress wore and then wear them yourself. How cool is that? While checking out their website, I was particularly excited when I saw that they have clothes from my favorite TV show, Parks and Recreation. While I may not have many uses for a pant suit in my current life, I cant say I wouldnt buy something just because Leslie Knope wore it.

Happy shopping!

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