There is something about the words “mom jeans” that does not capture how good they make a girl’s butt look when they fit just right. Personally, the first time I tucked a black tee shirt into my new Topshop mom jeans, I thought of Second-Season-of-Friends-Monica-Geller and pictured myself baking a perfect chocolate soufflé with perfectly blow-dried hair. My newly named Monica Geller jeans made me think of all of the stylish women on Friends, so here are 20 times the women of Friends inspired fashion of today.

Oversized Jeans and White Sneakers

Monica’s dainty earrings make this casual and boyish outfit just a little girly. This girl’s half-up bun and rolled-up styling bring this look into 2016.

Oversized Coat
Rachel Greene wore an oversized, menswear-inspired, green coatThis coat of 2015 is more military-styled, but the wearer may have taken inspiration from Rachel’s all black outfit underneath.

Striped, Off The Shoulder Top
Rachel and this model accessorize their shirts differently, but show that white crêpe tops are perfect for summer when a little bit of skin shows.    

Oversized Oxford
 Rachel may have borrowed this perfectly roomy oxford from one of her many boyfriends, but probably kept it for its perfect pinstripe design. Paired with leather pants and made slightly smaller, this shirt is the perfect year-round staple.

Fringe Jacket
Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What styles her vintage fringe jacket, a major trend from 2015, with a crop-top and rose colored glasses. Both her and Phoebe remind us that the 70’s will always be in our hearts.

Midi Skirt and Ankle Boots

Although Rachel wears boots more reminiscent of the 90’s, her knit tight midi skirt can be found today. Olivia of What Olivia Did pairs a ladylike pleated midi skirt with matching red ankle boots for a holiday-themed look of today.

I hope you think of Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe next time you pick out an outfit!

xo sincerely, Claudia

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