Camel may seem like a fall color, when the golden brown leaves are slowly falling off the trees and gathering on the ground in little piles.  However, the camel color can also be carried on into the winter. When it comes to the winter season, I often feel like dressing in white, grey, black, and other somber hues to match the cold, gloomy weather. Counteracting this, camel coats can provide a pop of color to otherwise monochromatic outfits. If you’re looking to turn the volume up on a muted outfit, throw on a camel coat. Here are some ways to style camel.

A camel coat goes great with an all-white scheme; it’s fairly clean and simple. In the first picture, Like Fresh Laundry creates a perfect balance in this outfit. To avoid looking too formal (aka uptight), pair a blouse with ripped denim jeans like this blogger does. Nude heels or flats complete the look without making the color palette chaotic. On the other hand, the second photo shows that wearing boots of a similar color to your coat creates cohesion in your outfit.


Going along with the theme of one color, let’s look at wearing black instead of white. For a more classic look, wear all black underneath that camel coat. Black allows the camel color to take the spotlight through the stark contrast. Throw on some shades to give off a cool and confident vibe.

Neutrality: Nudes, greys, and neutral colors in general match well with camel.  

Play on the color gradient to give a flow to your look. For example, pick out shades of nude. Pinkish tones can add a more feminine touch. Also, try wearing skirts instead of pants (granted, ones that are warm enough for winter) for a look that’s different than usual.

Pairing a gray sweater with a white blouse underneath is a classic winter look. Then, wear the camel coat for warm layering. To accessorize, put on a black hat and statement rings. Although there may be several colors present, neutrals make the possible color clash disappear.  

Blue Denim

Lastly, blue denim jeans make your fancy camel coat seem more casual. When you’re heading to class, you may want to go for the relaxed look. Fear not – blue jeans, varying from light to dark, match pretty well with the camel color.

Adding a little color into your life,


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