Winter’s always been a harder season to dress well in. don’t buy too many sweaters or jackets because these bulky clothes tend to hoard closet space. I think investing in one or two turtlenecks can go a long way – they are so chic and gorgeous! They’re a great piece for layering, but perfect to wear in LA with another warm top underneath. With minor variations you can have a ton of outfits.
High Waisted Skinny Jeans
Add some character to your outfit by wearing distressed jeans like Olivia Palermo or Kendall Jenner. You can even wear patterned or sheer black stockings under your ripped jeans, I love the way that looks. Check out my last blog post for other ways to style high waisted skinny jeans.
Leather Pants
These are all staple pieces in your wardrobe, so you’re buying something that you’ll only wear once. Leather pants, on the other hand, are more of an edgy, daring look. I still think they’re a great buy. They hug your curves in a very attractive way and are slimming at all the right places. Pairing those black leather pants with black heeled booties makes your legs look miles long. Here are two looks- one more suitable for a night out and the other for wearing on campus.
Another idea for a boydcon turtleneck is to pair it with joggers and maybe white tennis shoes – I love the sporty casual look that gives. I’ve seen a lot of people pair that with heels as well: contrasting the sporty with the elegant makes a very interesting outfit.
Knee High Boots
Knee-high boots are another winter favorite, and they really do look great with turtlenecks. Try pairing them with a turtleneck dress with a little bit of skin peaking out.
Blanket Scarves
Lastly try out blanket scarves. They keep you very warm and add a new texture or fall to a plain outfit.
Try these out while it’s still sweater-weather!


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