Although we are in the Fall/Winter season in fashion, it is never too early to begin planning for the next season. And the designers for this Spring did not disappoint. Here are some standout looks to inspire your eye for the Spring 2016 menswear season.


gucci spring 2016 (3).jpggucci pring 2016 (2).jpg
For Spring 2016 Gucci brought us The Neo-Beatles. Here, we see some very timely pieces that recall the psychedelic 1960’s and reminds me of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album , with such vibrant colors and patterns.

Saint Laurent

Saint laurent spring 2016 (4).jpgSaint laurent spring 2016.jpg

With the fringed leather jacket, grunge flannel, leopard jacket, and skinny jeans, Saint Laurent’s collection leaves me wanting to rock out, jump into a mosh pit , and rebel against authority.


prada spring 2016 (2).jpgprada spring 2016.jpg

This season Prada is real childish, in a good way. I know I have found myself wishing they made some children’s wear in my size, and here it is. Prada serves us playful colors and cuts. So although recalling childlike modes, Prada is ironically forward.  

Yohji Yamamoto

yohji Yamamoto spring 2016 (2).jpgyohji Yamamoto spring 2016.jpg

No matter the season, black is always your friend. And here we see Yohji Yamamoto playing with this timeless trends by adding various light, color accents.


hermes spring 2016.jpghermes spring 2016 (2).jpg

Closing out our report is Hermes, serving simple and classic pieces. The semi-casual shirt paired with dress pants and shoes, topped off with disheveled hair combines for the perfect DGAF hip look.

All photos via Vogue

Deuces, Kristopher

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