Nowadays, people often wear watches not to tell time but to accessorize. In fact, silly me– half the time, I forget I’m even wearing a watch and use my phone instead to check the time.

Watches can vary in band style (leather vs. stainless steel) and color (gold, silver, black, etc.). They all add a dose of some of Serena van der Woodsen’s stylish elegance, which I know we all drooled over when watching Gossip Girl. In other words, it looks like you put in some extra effort when you were considering your outfit that morning. These accessories can take a simple T-shirt and jeans to a whole new level.

Splurging on these accessories can go a long way. Here are some luxury brands for watches:

Marc Jacobs

This Marc Jacobs watch  is classy and polished with a feminine touch. I love that part of the brand name, Marc, is incorporated into the time– letters as replacement numbers. The gray tone of the leather band also makes it a little different from the typical colors of watches.

Kate Spade
Kate Spade contains an abundance of cute themes and designs. This watch has a champagne bottle being popped at midnight and exploding mini crystals. It’s festive and fun, a celebration of the brand’s playful aesthetic.


Not just because I do this (eat dessert for breakfast) already, but I admire the fact that Kate Spade’s watches encourage you to enjoy life and to live colorfully. Endearing sayings are always eye-catching.

Daniel Wellington
Daniel Wellington’s watches are perfect for the minimalist; they are simple and clean. Its history and preppy nature also makes you feel somewhat like you’re a part of the British elite.

Michael Kors
The flashy stainless steel bracelet, especially in rose gold, has been very popular.

More Affordable:

Urban Outfitters Around the World Leather Watch


If you’re a broke college student, perhaps you don’t want to spend $200 on a watch. Shops like Urban Outfitters and ASOS carry more affordable watches that still make you feel sophisticated.

Stay classy,


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