Modern looks are often inspired by past history. Old memories and pieces resurface, and we like to keep them afloat, tweaking and playing around with these vintage elements. Here are a few examples.
The August Diaries – Denim Skirt

Jill Lansky from The August Diaries turns the popular 70s denim skirt, with its hippie origins, into something chic and polished, by adding a white button down top and black booties. She transforms the piece to cater to modern taste. (Similar denim skirts can be found on Topshop.)

ASOS – Denim Overalls

Throughout the years, denim overalls have also made a comeback. I guess all things denim have a certain staying (or comeback) power. ASOS has some nicely fitting denim overalls, including a black one and a distressed one. Although originally worn by farmers and railroad workers, overalls are now used as a fashion statement — they went from rural to urbanized in accordance with history. 
Free People – Peasant Blouse

Going back even further in time, we have the peasant blouse with its puffed sleeves and based on the traditional European peasant dress. To go along with the carefree image of the top, Free People has several bohemian takes on the peasant blouse.

ASOS – Peasant Blouse

There are also off-the-shoulder variations, perfect for music festivals and those boho occasions. 
Zara – Trench Coat

Burberry – Trench Coat

Now, with winter approaching, let’s talk outerwear. Many of the coat designs we know and love today were inspired by military wear.

Trench coats are sophisticated classics suitable for rainy weather (those rare rainy days that are blessings in Southern California). Soldiers in the trenches were equipped with these lightweight and waterproof coats — hence the name, trench coat. Burberry actually designed a prototype and supplied these coats during World War I, which explains a lot (their trench coat campaigns).

Forever 21 – Pea Coat

The wool pea coat began sported by sailors and the U.S. navy. Today, casual stores like Forever 21 sells these coats on the thicker side to keep the modern consumer warm during the winter.

So, the next time you open up your closet, take a moment to think about the colorful history and meaning behind those clothes that you treasure.

Sincerely, your clothes-enthusiast, Elizabeth

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