Alexa Chung is the modern version of the Renaissance Man… uhh.. Woman. Her resumé ranges from DJ to Model, Actress, Reporter, Writer, Designer, contributing Editor of British Vogue, and now App Developer. However, she is most noted for being an all around style icon. 
Growing up in Britain and surrounded by horses, she was inspired by the practical, classic clothing of the hunt in rural Britain. Since childhood where she spent countless hours surrounded by horses, she has loved the silhouette of short paddock boots, skinny pants, and collared shirts that are common in the sport. 
Chung’s look would not be complete without her iconic haircut that revolutionized the “lob” trend of the past three years. As a model in her early 20’s, she felt she needed a way to differentiate herself besides her half-asian heritage. Although her hair has fluctuated in lengths over the years, the perfectly messy style has been coined the “Alexa Chung Waves,” and girls all over research her methods on Pinterest and in magazines. 
She’s made many efforts to help girls acquire her distinct look, like her partnership with Eyeko to produce products and tutorials that help create her quintessential cat eye. Her newest enterprise is the development of the app Villoid, that creates boards involving a girl’s own clothing, clothing from websites, and sources of inspiration in order to better plan outfits. 
Other “Classic Alexa” looks include cutoff shorts with tights, oxford shoes, blazers, leather jackets, striped shirts, and mini dresses. Her love of Peter Pan collars were inspired by Wednesday Adams of the Adams family, showing Chung’s quirky personality and diversified interests. 
Alexa defines causal-cool style. She is the perfect mix between androgynous items with a feminine twist. She is inspired by trends while still sticking to her own style.
xo sincerely, Claudia

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