I feel like I haven’t written a post in forever! Riffing off of Christine’s previous post about O-Ring chokers, I thought I’d finish the school year off with a selection of some other S&M pieces that I really like. First up, body harnesses:


Hand-Made Belt Harness (Left) via Link & Zana Bayne Harness (Right) via Link
I think these are so, so cool. I mean, you’d definitely have to consider where you’re going and the venue, but body harnesses are definitely a thing. There’s a few great DIY’s out there too to make your own, considering how expensive they are. While they are more suited for that UNIF-girl, I don’t see why you couldn’t throw one on a more feminine dress to add an unexpected accessory. (In fact, that’s what Prabal Guring did for his S/S 2012 collection.)
Tamzin Lillywhite Pony Ears via Link & Zana Bayne Driving Cap via Link
Headpieces are a little more avant-garde in terms of being used as dailywear. Nonetheless, I think these photos could inspire a lot of DIY projects for cute headbands or caps that you could wear for a night out at a concert or rave. Leather has such a strong association with toughness, kink, and marginalized deviants. As a result, it makes cute shapes like animal ears far more interesting. 
CreepyYeha Tahliah Belt via Link, Tamzin Lillywhite Leader Belt via Link, & Zana Bayne Bat Belt via Link
I take it back. As much as I love body harnesses, belts are definitely the easiest to wear. You can literally throw them over any solid-colored dress and it’d look phenomenal. I think the Zana Bayne Bat belt is a total stand-out. It combines the girdle-like silhouette, with a feminine peplum that exaggerates the female hip. 
The school-year is coming to a close, so I suppose I should let y’all know I had a really solid time managing the blog with Silvia. Like honestly, as a writer, having a platform to share my ideas to a wide audience is a true blessing. I hope y’all will continue to read the blog next year — I’m sure the new blog director(s) will have something new and exciting to bring to FAST. 
Thanks, it’s been fun,

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