Why did you decide to participate as a designer for FAST?
I wanted to get into fashion, so when I found about it, I thought it’d be perfect. I’ve designed for FAST before, but it was a little scary the first time because I’ve never had sewing experience before.
Did you have a creative background growing up?
Not really. It’s so weird. My mom is a kindergarten teacher, so she’s really crafty. So in that sense, it’s creative, but I wasn’t schooled for anything. I’ve always liked fashion. I remember the first time I saw a documentary on Yves Saint Laurent. I loved it. I love couture fashion because it feels like a real art piece.
Does your collection have a name?
…I will when I’ve finished. I’ve finished a couple of pieces during spring break… [In regard to previous years designing for FAST] Whenever I made a piece that didn’t go with the name, I’d regret it and want to start over. So I figured this time I’d have a name after I finish everything.
What was your inspiration and motivation for this collection?
I went abroad over this summer. I went to Europe and studied in Paris for 5 weeks.
I didn’t know that! That’s nuts.
Yeah. That trip inspired me a lot. You’ll find a couple of my designs have Dior silhouettes and a jumpsuit that’s very Yves Saint Laurent. So it was the trip to Paris that inspired this collection.
What color palette are you working with this time around?
They’re very … I don’t wanna say dry… But old?
Like autumn shades?
Yeah, that sounds about right.
If you were a sound, what sound would you be?
What?! Um….  I’m trying to think of a sound that’s cool. I like really mellow sounds. It’d probably be a song from Tycho.
What’s something you have on heavy rotation?
I listen to Odesza a lot. I really like that kind of music ‘cause it’s not distracting, so I can do homework and stuff while listening.
 What holiday are you?
Halloween. I’m always wearing black. I love Wednesday Addams.
Perfect transition. Who’s your style icon?
I want to say Blake Lively, but that’s only cause everything she wears look nice on her…No. It’s Sarah Jessica Parker.
What’s a fashion faux pas you hate?
There are so many…  This is gonna sound really bad but I’m always picking on stuff. I think the worst thing is when women wear their athletic running shoes with a professional work outfit. Like I’ve seen a woman wear a lime-green pair of Nikes with a gray pantsuit! 
What makes you happy?
Finding a pair of heels that don’t hurt.
Where do you see yourself after graduation, in 5 years, and 10 years?
After graduating this quarter, I want to finish a few fashion internships that I have. Right now I’m in a Fashion PR one which I really like, but I wanna try Editorial or something styling related. After 5 years, I hope I’ve traveled a lot. I hope I get a position in fashion where I get to travel. I still don’ know what exactly I want to do, but my dream is to design. I don’t feel I have the training for that though. And in 10 years, … I don’t know . Where I work right now, there’s a lot of people who are unhappy with where they’re at. So I just want to be happy and feel like I’ve accomplished enough. Maybe I can go back for a masters program. Maybe an MFA.
Do you get nervous and have a plan before haircuts?
Not really. But when someone does my makeup, I do get nervous. Like that’s my face! Whereas if it’s my hair, if it’s bad, I can end up working with it, and it’ll be fine.
Favorite dessert?
How do you feel about tomatoes and cheese on sandwiches?
I love tomatoes and cheese. It doesn’t have to be on sandwiches. I can just eat tomatoes and cheese.
Your flaw:
I think I can snap really easily. And that’s bad. Normally, people think I’m chill, but if I’m in a bad mood, and I get bad news, I might just snap at you.
Your strength:
I can do winged eyeliner in less than 5 minutes for both of my eyes.
You have to get a tattoo. What of and where?
I actually do know. It’d be a watercolor poppy flower on the right side of my back, behind my shoulder.
Do you like piercings?
Yeah. I have 3 in my ear, but I never wear them. I wouldn’t get anything else, but they look cool on other people.
You won a free ticket around the world. Describe your day.
I’d go to Luxembourg. It’s  a tiny country. I’ve been there once, it was the the first time I’ve ever traveled on my own. I was there for 4 days by myself. Everyone’s so nice. One girl said that I didn’t even have to pay for the bus because no one was going to check. While I was there, I was walking around and I saw a really cool design studio. The designer’s name was at the top of the building, and there were display windows full of her work. I made a promise to myself that I’d go back. It was the first time being by myself and it happened so perfectly. 

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