Name, major, fashion icon, fun fact:

Hi I’m Stephanie Loo and I’m double majoring in architectural studies and art. I really like Alice + Olivia [as my fashion icon] probably other, but that’s the one that comes to my brain right now. Their styleand what they come up with every year is very like edgy with lots of colors. The geometry of their actual garments is very prestine. Solids make the actual cuts stand out.
Fun fact: I can ride unicycle! 
1.In 3 words describe you fashion line
Cropped, pastels, geometric
2.What caused you to become a designer for fast?
I’ve been involved in FAST for several years since I’m a senior right now and I was the editorial exec last year so I did a lot of photo stuff, and I love fashion photography, so I wanted to see what it was like on the other side-producing the fashion line and not just photographing it. It’s pretty interesting because I didnt know how to sew, like I just learned.
3.What are some characteristics of your collection?
Like I said before, geomteric, cropped, solid, pastel colors.
4.Was there an inspiration behind your line?
Not one specific thing. I think I was looking at it from the point of view of what would be things that I would want to wear, and what I would be comfortable in.
5. Do you plan to be a fashion designer in the future?
Umm… not immediately. I don’t know particularly what field I’m going to end up in. Probably not, but I think it would be really cool if I did. Like if I could, I definitely would go for it. Maybe take some more sewing refreshers.
6. What are you plans for the future in 10 years?
I would like to be involved in the fashion world somehow. Initially I thought I would be in fashion and product photography, but I am starting to realize that I am very interested in the design process as well. 
7. What’s your favorite dog/cat?
Oh I love Shibas..Shiba Inus! My friend has one and she brings her sometimes. They are super well-behaved and really fluffy. They just make staying in Perloff for a bajillion hours a lot nicer, just to have a dog there. They are like little pillows with their fur!
8. Where is your fav place to travel outside the U.S.?
I have been to Canada, and I recently went to Encinada on the senior cruise. But, I don’t feel like that’s enough world expereince to say as my favorite place outside the United States. 
9. If you had won $10,000 to any store for a shopping spree, where would you go and why?
Just one store?! I guess…I think it’s hard to say only one store because I’m a weird size 2 so I feel like I pick out certain garments and go to speciifc stores for those garments. Um, I go to Pac Sun a lot just because they have crop tops year round. But, I’m not sure because with that much money, I feel like I could just buy the entire store. So I guess Pac Sun! 
10. Name your favorite fashion trend and your least favorite fashion trend. 
I do not like the flatform shoes! I know they are really in right now, but I just am not a huge fan. My favorite fashion trend would have to be open back stuff. I don;t know if that is a specific trend that started to get really big, but I love it! Also, I love crop tops since they are so comfortable, and kind of economic because you are saving on fabric if you think about it!
11. Are you excited for the FAST show this year and what are you most excited for?
YES! Last year, I was down in the front photographing everything and I have never been on stage before so it’s kind of nerve wracking, but I think it will be super cool!

Look for Steph’s Collection in the FAST Fashion Show!

XOXO, Karli

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