Year: Freshmen

Major: World Arts & Cultures 
(trying to change into Design and Media Arts)
From: China
Personal Style: Always changing, depending on the mood

What made you interested in design / fashion in the first place?
It started from high school. We had a fashion design club, so I joined, made several pieces, and learned a little bit of skills. So I am trying to keep up with it.
That’s awesome. Did you join the club because you have always been interested in fashion or is it more like “oooh maybe I should try this out?”
Well, I like art and I like stylizing myself and other people, so I thought maybe I could try it out.
Is there a particular type of art that you really like?
I did a lot of fine arts in high school. Now, I am changing more into the design aspect.
What is the concept / theme behind your collection for this year’s show? What are your inspirations?
My basic inspiration is from UCLA and the spring season. Our school is really beautiful during the spring – there are so many flowers and I really like that. So my collection for the show is very floral.
Would you say you have a dominant color theme / fabric choice behind the collection?
Not really color, but fabric-wise, I am only using one kind of fabric. I am not sure what the specific name of it is, but the texture is really soft and special. Kind of flowy.
So you said you had a bit of experience with design and garment construction at your high school fashion design club. But have you had any formal lessons or did you teach yourself?
My friend’s mother spent a few hours in the fashion design club and she taught us how to do basic sewing and patterns. Other than that, I just watch videos and try it out myself. It was really difficult though…the things I made were not perfect.
So would you say that is the most difficult part of the whole process so far? The actual construction of it?
Yes. What I designed from the very beginning is actually different from what I made at the end. Because it was hard.

Out of curiosity, where do you all your sewing and construction?

I don’t have a sewing machine here and I live in the dorms. So I did most of the sewing when I was back home during spring break. My relatives own a sewing machine.
I see. Sounds like a productive holiday! What is your favorite part of this process so far then? The most enjoyable aspect?
When I put my clothes on models!
Do you plan on pursuing design / fashion down the future? Let’s say 5-10 years from now. Where do you imagine yourself?
Like I said before, I am trying to get into DESMA. So I’m trying to get more experience with different kinds of designs  – like fashion design – and then choose which one is my favorite and then go with it.

Stay Classy,

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