Urban Dictionary

Though it is “only” week 3, we quarter system kids know it’s the beginning of hell. I have been cranking out paper after paper and studying for exam after exam this week. And just keeps going… Sadly, I am ashamed to say that the heavy academic burden has taken a toll on my apparel choices lately. On weeks like these, I simply put on a hoodie and call it a day. However, there’s always a way to make it fun ! My solution is to wear tops that speak – literally. Whether it has a funny phrase or a mysterious foreign word or a motto that actually speaks true to you, graphic tops are an instant eye-catcher. 

Here are some words of encouragement (or not so much) to help you get through the week:

1. Just Do It Later from Nasty Gal 
the ultimate enabler of procrastination. 
2. I just want to drink coffee, create stuff, and sleep from society6 
speaks to us all, doesn’t it?
3. Pug Life Forever from Nasty Gal
for the pug fanatics out there, you may never wear any other sweatshirt again
4. I woke up like this…from Cotton On
say it loud and proud!
p.s. this is what I am wearing as I sit and write this at YRL

5. Nope. from society6
’nuff said. just nope. not happenin’

Good Luck! 
I know I will need it…


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