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Everyone is either talking about it, going to it, wishing they were going to it, or posting about it through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media. Everyone and their mamas’ know that Coachella took place last weekend. Weekend one consisted of performances by a ton of awesome artists such as Action Bronson, Mac Demarco, The Weeknd, FKA Twigs (my bae), and so much more. Thousands of people get pumped up for Coachella to experience a weekend filled with music, friends, and fun. People aren’t just psyched for the the music but for the fashion as well. Coachella is regarded by some to be the “New York Fashion Week of music festivals” and I thought I’d gather up some of my favorite looks from Coachella weekend one and share it with y’all!

Images via The Zoe Report and Refinery29

Personally speaking, I kind of hate the whole super femme boho look that too many Coachella goers rock. We all know what look I’m talking about: the large statement necklaces and bracelets, lace and crochet ensembles, and to top it off, a floral head piece. There are exceptions to this, but in general, everyone dressed like this kind of meshes together for me. No one stands out or seems unique. The two outfits seen above are a fresh twist on the boho look and brings about a bohemian feel in a chic and clean way. The outfit on the left conjures up some serious desert vibes with the dusty orange color and achieves a carefree feel with the oversized maxi dress and head covering. The outfit on the right oozes a fun and flirty vibe but stays chic with the monochromatic white look, high top Converse, and fitted, slitted skirt. It still has bohemian elements though, with the crocheted crop top and oversized sunglasses. 

Images via Elle UK and The Zoe Report

If I were going to Coachella, I’d probably wear something along these lines. The fun and flirty look is something near and dear to many people but it just isn’t for me. These outfits above bring about a heavy and edgy feel that I absolutely love. The outfit on the left keeps it very Coachella esque with the wide brimmed hat and knitted crop top but switches it up with some kick-ass embroidered, sheer pants and chunky oxfords. On the right, we have Zoe Kravitz rocking a UNIF plaid onesie, chunky zippered boots, and a concho choker that creates a very grungy look. The great thing about these dark outfits is enjoying Coachella without the fear of ruining any of your precious, white pieces and worrying about where you’re going to sit. These are the outfits you can get down and dirty in.

Images via Tumblr and Nylon
Last but not least, we have lead singer Marina Diamandis from Marina and the Diamonds. I love this groovy, sequined two piece she wore at Coachella. The outfit brings about a glamorous yet funky feel with the sequins, the blue holographic visor, and rad caged, mirrored sunglasses. She looks like she just walked out of disco themed beach party and I totally dig it, all of it.
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