Looking for inspiration for this week’s article, I leafed through a few Spring/Summer runway shows for 2015. I landed amidst Raf Simon’s clinical, plastic confections for Christian Dior. His work took the form of clear, tinted PVC raincoats, splattered with floral patterns. As you know, I’m a fan of technical, non-traditional elements in fashion, and so the use of such a banal medium intrigued me. When we think of high-fashion, we associate it with plush fur, glittering velvet, and organza that would grace only the finest princesses. Why then would Simons use a material remniscent of Saran-Wrap for a Dior collection? 

I, for one, have no clue, and it’s really not my place to spread rumors of Simons’ motivations. Instead, I have here a series of accessories made of plastic and other synthetic materials that invoke the spirit of today’s consumer culture. 

These clear bags are both a blessing and a curse. No one wants to show off their affection for Hot Cheetos or tabloid magazines. Take those with you, and the world will know. On the upside, clear bags push us to clean up our backpack clutter and cultivate a collection of items. To get an idea of what I mean, read this fantastic post from The Milk Club, about how to style transparent bags. We start with a clear PVC rucksack from Grafea, whose shape and silhouette we are all familiar with. Every college student needs a backpack and the benefit to this plastic is that it’ll be completely waterproof, keeping all your scholarly supplies safe and dry. 

This clutch from Nadia Gabriella takes a 180 degree turn from the Grafea backpack. The clutch is made of a rigid acetate and is far more formal in function. It’s perfect for making expensive make-up into accessories in of themselves. Imagine how classy the clutch would look with a red Chanel lipstick or a Tom Ford compact inside.

The Furla Candy Bon-Bon Mini is adorable in the Magnolia & Rose colorway. Though not clear, it is made of a plastic PVC material. With both the soft pink color and rubbery texture, it seems like a Barbie toy brought to real life. But if you’re a minimal girl who needs a small, everyday bag, then the Clear Drawstring Bucket bag from Golden Ponies sounds like the one for you. Its small size and black trim makes it easy to wear with any outfit you happen to pull on.

I’ve never, ever been a stiletto heel kind of guy. If you’re not into chunky, block shaped heels, then it’s probably best you skip this section of today’s post. Moving on, these two clear pairs are both from American Apparel. I think the one on top is more versatile and can be worn both in formal and casual settings. However, the bottom one is fun and reminds me of my sister’s shoes when she was a kid. With clear shoes, it’s important that your foot is hygienic. There’s no hiding them here. If scrubbing your toes isn’t your business, feel free to wear them with a fun pair of socks in a solid, bright hue. 

I absolutely adore how the track sole in these sandals from Juju look so sharp and architectural. The perfectly square-shaped cuts look like little windows in the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. I’ve seen a lot of track soles before, but none have really achieve such a clean aesthetic such as these.

The last pair of shoes by TBA, called the Sleigh, has a black, leather upper, and isn’t quite like the other three. However, the bottom half is made of a jelly material, so it definitely deserves a place in this series. I was really drawn to the t-strap design, and how in spite of the shoe’s height, it looks comfortable and casual enough to be worn everyday. 

The last part of this post is just a handful of accessories, most of which are pieces of jewelry. I really don’t care for those plastic chokers that are having a Brandy Melville moment. Instead, I’d opt for this S&M inspired piece, a vinyl choker with gold hardware from Creepyyeha. It definitely reminds me of FKA Twigs, if there are any fans out there. These clear, lucite earrings from NastyGal and ring from Etsy are quite minimal. The earrings are like a modern take on those huge, hoop earrings from the 70’s and 80’s. These sunglasses are also from NastyGal and are a cute take on cat-eye frames. I imagine they’d be quite popular during festival season or for a late-night beach bonfire with the girls.

That’s everything from this week’s extensive edit. Which accessories did you like the best? What are your thoughts on plastic? Let me know!

Curious boy,


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