Spring is here and the sun has been shining more and more. It’s time to soak up those rays and finally wear sunglasses without people knowing you’re only wearing them to a)just look cool (which some might find pretentious, you guys know what I’m talking about), b) hide a make-up free face, c) conceal those eye bags from a rough night out. 
Cat eye sunnies are easily one of my favorite kinds of sunglasses. They’re such a great statement piece and simultaneously give you a sort of mysterious but also kick-ass vibe.
These pink and gold ones are a great twist to such a classic shape and can add some funk into any plain, boring outfit. 
Found here
Found here
Reflective/mirrored sunglasses are another trend I’ve been loving. A key benefit for me is that others can’t see your eyes which means people-watching without fear (hell yea). Mirrored sunglasses are also great because you can get ones that are tinted in blue, green, orange, etc. It can really give an outfit a nice unexpected pop of color or an overall cool or warm tone.
These cat eye mirrored sunglasses are freakin’ awesome and I’ve been lusting after this pair but haven’t got the heart to dish out that cash (broke college kid problems).

Found here
Found here
Round sunglasses can make any outfit a little bit more funky and a little less plain. You can achieve various looks from a bohemian to a tough look with the right pair of round sunnies and outfit. I personally am a fan of round sunglasses because I love the iconic Mathilda look from Lèon: The Professional where a young Natalie Portman rocks a pair of circular sunglasses and a red beanie and just spews out all kinds of bad assery vibes. 

Found here
Found here

Peace out,

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