1. Bad Day BritNAY Shirt from ytinifninfinity 
2. Charger Windbreaker from ytinifninfinity
3. IRL Shirt from shallowww  
4. Melanie Dress from 5preview
5. Bey Shirt from link
6. Cape from TIMEFLY
7. No New Friends Shirt from yungjake
8. Memphis Shirt from IRL London

Love the Internet & emojis? So do I. I know this aesthetic is a little polarizing, but I really do get a kick out of it. I generally don’t like Vaporwave inspired clothing like #7, but I guess this is like Vaporwave seen through a more minimal and mature lens. The Internet is a fundamental component of postmodernism, arguably leading us to where we are now: the unimodern. But that’s just theoretical art babble. The point is that the clothes I’ve picked out here features a lot of Internet graphics like HTML or the iconic www. of a URL. It also takes from pop culture icons like Britney & Bey, as well as things completely banal like that all-over fish print. 

It can definitely seem a bit strange. But even if you hate it, it can at least make you appreciate all the other “prettier” prints you have in your closet!

Have a fresh start to your spring quarter!


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