Spring break and Easter are just around the corner. I know a lot of us are worrying about finals, but I thought maybe these outfits would cheer you up, if only marginally. Inspired by pastels and those egg-shaped chocolates, these looks come in pink, blue, and yellow colorways, all paired with white and nude.

This first look is casual and athletic but still soft and girly. It reminds me of a model off-duty in New York. This white Jacquard Dress from Zara is a part of their new Optic White collection. I like the high neckline a lot, it looks sharp and is similar to 90’s Calvin Klein. (If your remember from Clueless, Cher wore a similar dress before her dad told her it looked like underwear.)

Perfect for a Sunday brunch, this ensemble is just a bit more boyish than the previous one. Though, that’s only relative. As you can probably tell, I really love outfits that blend opposing elements. In the previous outfit, it mixed athletic pieces with formal elements like the blazer. In this one, the opposition comes from re-shaping traditional menswear pieces, like the sweater and trouser, into garments that highlight the female figure. The cropped sweater, when paired with something high-waisted, shows off the flattest part of the stomach. Likewise, the wide legged trousers taper away from the waist, accentuating it wonderfully.

The most formal out of the three, I like the idea of wearing a sleeveless top to offset a fuller skirt. I also appreciated how the bottom hem of this crop top has an angular shape to it. The devil’s in the details, you know. Although the heels shown in the photo look pretty great as-is, I thought I’d throw in an option you’re all familiar with: a pair of Birks. The all-white Birkenstock looks a lot more fashion-forward to me than it’s neutral counterparts though.

Let me know which look is your favorite! I hope you all ace your finals, and have a memorable break!

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