Hats are great pieces to add to your collection and are excellent accessories that transition from fall to winter, winter to spring, and spring to summer; basically, they’re awesome all year round. Spring is a great time to score yourself some hats because with a mix of rainy, sunny, and chilly days, they serve as a barrier against the weather but also plays up any outfit. If that isn’t enough to prove to you that hats are the freakin’ bee’s knees, remember that hats can also help you overcome even the worst hair days.

Image via Nasty Gal

Image via Urban Outfitters
Light toned hats in colors like beige and tan can instantly bring a girly and hyper feminine look to any outfit.

Image via Nasty Gal 

An alternative to large, floppy hats are caps. Caps can create an uber casual look and are often used in the sports luxe trend. Caps have had a bad stigma where even the mention of the word produces images of scruffy middle aged men like Luke from Gilmore Girls. But the model below is killing the whole cap look and effectively shows how caps can bring a whole new level of chic into your outfit.

Image via Urban Outfitters
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