Josep Font
Whenever people ask who’s my favorite designer, or what’s my favorite brand, it’s always Josep Font at Delpozo. There’s just something about the consistency of his work, and how you can tell despite the changes in each season’s collection, that they all belong to the same fashion house. Although I’m pretty much blandly reiterating the information that can be found in a quick Google search, Font’s background in architecture manifests itself into meticulous detail and sculptural volume at Delpozo. He also has a beautiful mastery of color, pairing together shades you’d never even conceive of (Kelly green + blush, chocolate brown + red). Despite this control, Font’s work is always effortlessly feminine and soft.

This season the color palette was inspired by the works of painter, Rhys Lee. While previous seasons featured rounder volumes, this time it was more focused on the vertical. Column dresses and long coats exemplified these linear elements. The female silhouette has been both masked and exaggerated with balloon-sleeves and shoulder pads. And although I’m no fabric connoisseur, velvet seems to play an especially strong role in this season’s collection.

With hand-crafted flowers and leather patchwork, here’s a few of my favorite looks:

All images via

Let me know if you like Delpozo as much I do!


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