Socks with Birkenstocks 
Yes it’s more comfortable, yes it provides more warmth, but no, sadly, it will never be considered anything more than fashion cringe worthy. Come on people, we live in sunny LA where the weather has hit a high of 80 degrees in February! Let’s celebrate this fact by letting our toes wiggle free. Plus it’s an awesome excuse for a pedicure. 
But if you love your Birkenstocks and feel they are too cold to wear without socks, consider investing in Birkenstock shoes instead of sandals. Yes, Birkenstock shoes are a thing. 

Exposed Bra Strap 
Showing off your trendy bralette with a low scoop neck or muscle Tee is totally fine, in fact, it seems to be all the rage these days. But this does not mean the exposure of any and all bras that you own is acceptable. Here’s some pictures to help illustrate what I’m talking about.

Wearing Shoes You Can’t Walk In

It’s a well known fact that heels make your butt look at least 10 times better, you can’t fight science. Unfortunately, if you can’t walk in your heels, people will likely be paying attention to your wobbly knees, praying that you don’t fall, instead of checking out your awesome-looking back side. All I’m saying is that when you walk into a room, you want to steal the floor, not fall face down on it. So ladies, when it comes to heels, save yourself from the stress of staying upright and choose comfort over height. Unless you heels are Christian Louboutins, in which case, just make sure you’re going somewhere where you get to sit down a lot. 

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