Spring is a weird time when we see temperatures rise from the winter but still encounter a ton of chilly and rainy days. Spring in LA started out pretty warm but has recently cooled down (anything under 70 degrees is cold to me). These erratic weather patterns call for a harsh contrast of sandals and boots, but have no fear; from rain to shine to gloomy overcasts, I’ve got a shoe for you.  

Sunny spring days are the perfect time to break out those awesome sandals that have been pushed far back into your closet in the midst of winter. Oh, what’s that? You don’t have any sandals to bust out? Well , I forgot to mention that spring is also the perfect excuse to buy new shoes.

Urban Outfitters

As an LA girl, born and raised, I can say that it does rain in LA despite what people say. Although it rains, it’s not bad enough to buy yourself a pair of rain boots. Nevertheless, its a perfect reason to buy some kick ass multi-purpose boots that can be worn everyday but can also weather the rain, mud, and dirt.
Urban Outfitters
Nasty Gal
Nasty Gal


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