The modeling industry is built on a pool of genetically blessed individuals. From Sean O’Pry in T.Swizzle’s Blank Space to media moguls like Tyra Banks, we’re all too familiar with the faces of the beautiful. There are those, however, that aren’t the most conventionally attractive. Rather, their beauty radiates from being exaggerated, unique, and identifiable. Here are a few of my favorites:

the brows

Are your eyebrows on point? Y’all probably thought I was going to bring up Cara Delevingne, but I’m two steps ahead. One of my favorite models, Jonathan Hayden, is the first model to come to mind when it comes to memorable eyebrows. Relatively new, he’s a French model that actually used to double as a stylist as a well. His dark brows are further emphasized in contrast against his ice-blonde hair and full lips, ultimately composing a face that could only be sculpted by angels.

the lips

When it comes to lips, there’s only one model who can truly represent: Lindsey Wixson. Her bee-stung lips are truly iconic, and with so many high-profile designers under her belt, she’s well on her way to becoming the next super. Her story is the kind girls can only dream of: bullied in high-school for her large lips, she was scouted in a Wal-Mart in her hometown in Kansas. A week or so later, she was flown out to shoot with Steven Miesel for Vogue Italia. I’m jealous.
the cheekbones

Kim K. showed us the power of contouring our cheeks, but she doesn’t have anything on Sang Woo Kim. With cheekbones that could cut glass, he’s a model that really represents the growing prominence of Asian models in the fashion industry. Actually born and raised in London, Sang Woo has such a strong look that it’s impossible to categorize him as either runway or editorial. And to top it all off, his street-style is top notch as well.
the eyes

Probably one of the most polarizing models in the industry, Kelly Mittendorf has hooded, cat-like eyes that are sharp and penetrating. Though her look is fierce as hell, she has a heart of gold. She has a personal tumblr that allows her to interact with her fans. In many of her responses, she describes the model experience and how she’s grown to love and accept herself. She grew to understand that there was no such thing as ugly, and that it was a descriptor that could be replaced by different or unusual. I love that she’s model that isn’t a blonde bombshell, but rather, she’s a beauty all on her own.

Own your look. Love yourself.


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